Customizing Frozr

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Frozr uses the amazing WordPress customize tool that made customizing themes a fun and awesome experience with the ability to immediately see the changes of you options on the theme.

To start customizing Frozr, Click “Customize” in your WP admin bar.


Location of the -Customize- link

When you’re in the Customize page, You’ll immediately notice that using the Frozr options does not need to be further explained. Options are quite clear and easy to understand, if not its changes on the theme will further explain it to you.

In the Customize page, Frozr have put for you all the options you will need to create your beautiful unique website. Frozr also have divided its options depending of the page being customized. So different options will appear on different pages, each page you feel you may want to customize, click “Customize” on that page and you’ll find all the necessary options to do so.

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