• Using Frozr Metaboxes

Using Frozr Metaboxes

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Frozr puts in your hands a carefully chosen posts & pages metaboxes to make controlling how each post & page content appear in the front-end never more powerful then now.
Frozr provides Seven powerful metaboxes.

  1. Posts Meta Options.
  2. Pages Meta Options.
  3. Content Quick Links.
  4. Image Gallery Thumbnail.
  5. Video Thumbnail.
  6. Audio Thumbnail.
  7. Link Thumbnail.

Before we start introducing each metabox, if you have a question or something is not clear after reading this article please post a comment below.

Posts meta options

The metabox controls the appearance of each meta info of the post.

Posts Meta Metabox in Posts Edit Page

As it looks, it’s very easy to use just check on the meta detail you want to show in the front-end and uncheck those you don’t want.

Note: 1. All options of the metabox will be checked by default when creating a new post. 2. If you import posts then the metabox options will not be checked by default, you should manually review posts imported and check which meta info to show.

Pages meta options

This metabox is much like posts metabox option introduced previously.

Pages Meta Metabox in Pages Edit Page

Simply check or uncheck the options to use. Also read the post meta options notices above as they also apply for this metabox.

Content Quick links

This metabox is your posts and pages menu creator.

Quicklinks Metabox in Pages/posts Edit Page

When you are writing a muiltpage, long article or even a FAQ page just check this metabox option to create quick links menu to all main headlines of your article. This metabox is programmed to review your post/page content and find for headlines, that includes text tagged with h1 & h2, and then creates a menu that will link to those headlines.

To get the best menu, consider tagging your content main headings with either h1 or h2 HTML tags. For example:
<h1>My first Headline</h1>
<h2>My first Headline</h2>
Now as much as you take care of ordering your contents as much as this metabox will order your content menu.

Gallery Thumbnail Metabox

This is very simple and user friendly tool to create a gallery thumbnail for a gallery post-format post.

Gallery Metabox in Posts Edit Page

Select to add images from your media gallery or upload from your device then drag & drop images to order your thumbnail gallery.

Video Thumbnail Metabox

This is another simple tool to create a video thumbnail for a video post-format post.

Video Metabox in Posts Edit Page

Video Metabox is actually programmed to create video thumbnails from videos posted in video sharing websites like Youtube, Viemo, Dailymotion, etc, all video sharing websites included in the WordPress Internal whitelist.

To create a video thumbnail you have three choices:

  1. Using the direct link of the video.
  2. Using the Embed code of the video.
  3. Import from the WP media gallery.

Use only one of those three options you have, and you’re done!

Audio Thumbnail Metabox

Audio Metabox is yet another easy tool to add an audio player to the audio post-format post thumbnail.

Audio Metabox in Posts Edit Page

To use, Simply copy your MP3/OGA file direct URL uploaded anywhere on the web to their corresponding input fields in the metabox, or import them from your WP media gallery.


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