• LazyEater: Settings & Options

LazyEater: Settings & Options

Settings and options that we are going to talk about here is for the LazyEater administrator, please refer to the mange your restaurant for restaurants owners settings and options.

Back-end Settings

LazyEater back-end settings can be accessed by clicking on “LazyEater” in your WordPress admin menu. Settings there are general settings, nothing complicated, settings are clear and simple.

Front-end Settings

You can access the LazyEater admin front-end dashboard by opening your website homepage while you are logged in as admin and click on the user icon in the website top menu bar > click on “Your Dashboard”, you will see a list of your front-end dashboard pages.

  1. Dashboard – Where you can see summary report widgets and statistics.
  2. Orders – This page includes all orders placed in your website, you will also see the seller (Restaurant) and the customer. Although you can manage those orders, but this is not your job, each order will be assigned to their respective seller and will appear in their dashboard, but this page will allow you to know how each restaurant are processing their orders and if some orders remain uncompleted for long time so you can contact the restaurant to follow up the order.
  3. Coupons – This page will list all coupons set in your website by restaurants in details, like how many times the coupon has been used, amount, type, code, expiry date and you can also edit them.
  4. Withdraw – As site admin, You will receive and process all withdraw requests from your restaurants here. Once you get a new request, it will show up in the pending list, click on edit to process it and change the status.
  5. Sellers – This page includes a list of all users registered in your website that have a seller role. Click on a seller name to enable/disable selling privileges and change the seller percentage which is the percentage you cut of his sales for you.

Layout Options

All layout options are set from the WordPress customize tool. To change layout settings click on the “Customize” link in the top WordPress admin bar.

LazyEater Search Section

LazyEater search section includes the restaurants and food searching filters. All food and restaurant filters are editable, you can edit the text, color, icon, image and even position and availability, all from the section it self.

Login as website admin, open your website homepage and hover the mouse on the filters and buttons and the edit buttons will appear. For texts, simply click on the text to edit. To change position simply drag and drop the filter to the new position. If you want to remove the filter, drag and drop the filter to the filters bench which will appear as soon as you start the drag event.

You only have to note here that changing the background of the section is done from the WordPress customize tool.

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