• LazyEater How Tos

LazyEater How Tos

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How to install lazyEater?

1. Download LazyEater form the WordPress plugins directory by searching for LazyEater.
2. Activate the plugin, also make sure you already have WooCommerce running.
3. In your WordPress admin go to Settings -> Permalinks and just click Save Changes.

NOTICE: LazyEater will only work with LazyEater supported themes like Frozr WP theme. You can download Frozr for free @ mahmudhamid.com
OR you can learn how to integrate LazyEater with your theme

How to install LazyEater with my theme?

How to setup the demo data?

Learn how to install LazyEater demo data.

How to access the front-end dashboard?

Click on the user icon on the website top bar -> click on “Admin Dashbaord” or if logged in as restaurant click on “Seller Dashbaord”.


How can I access the frontend dashboard on my theme?

If you are not using the Frozr theme, you can allow access to the frontend dashboard by using the “LazyEater Menu widget”. you can also see how to integrate LazyEater with your theme to learn more.


How to access the back-end settings?

Go to your WordPress admin -> click on LazyEater.


How to add a restaurant?

Restaurants are actually normal WordPress users with “Seller” role. Whenever the user has the seller role he takes advantage off all features of a LazyEater restaurant that includes a frontend dashboard and a restaurant page. Users can automatically register as restaurants or be manually approved to become restaurants by the website admin. You can either create a restaurant from the WordPress admin or do this step from the frontend, we will explain both ways.

From your WordPress admin go to “Users” -> “Add New” fill the user form and select “Seller” in the role field and hit the “Add New User” button. Now you have a new restaurant registered but without the selling privileges.


To enable selling privileges, edit the restaurant you have just created scroll down to LazyEater options, check on “Enable Selling” and hit the “update profile” button.


To do this step from the frontend, navigate to the “My Account” page which has been create when you activated WooCommerce plugin. check on “I Have a Restaurant” in the register box, fill the registration form and hit the register button.


However, if you are using the Frozr theme you can easily do this step by clicking the user icon at the top bar -> click on register -> fill the form -> hit the register button.


Anyway, if you have created from frontend and you have disabled the “Auto Enable Selling on Restaurant Registration” option, you can either enable seller privileges from the users page in the backend or do that form your frontend dashboard sellers page.


Please note that after creating a restaurant, you must complete their profile from their frontend settings page.

How to add a recipe?

A recipe is actually a WooCommerce product. As the website admin you are not supposed to add a recipe, recipes are added by restaurants. To add a recipe login with a restaurant account -> go to the dashboard products page -> click on “Add new product” button -> fill all of the product details including the “Recipe” filed that is the most important to make the product available in the restaurant page -> Add a variation if available -> Add a promotion if available -> post the product.


Please note here that when you start typing in the “Recipe” field, a predictions list will appear. This list’s items are actually from the WooCommerce product categories list, if the recipe name you are typing is in the list, select it to avoid duplication in the product categories database.

How to use geo-location?

Geolocation is used to detect the user location and retrieve restaurants that will provide delivery service to that user. Geolocation is also used to get restaurants nearby the user and used in LazyEater Distance extension to calculate the distance between the user and restaurant. Once you start using Geolocation LazyEater will replace the default delivery location system with the Geolocation system, thus it is very important to decide if you will be using the default LazyEater delivery system or the Geolocation system at the begging of your business.

To use Lazyeater Geolocation, go to LazyEater settings in the WordPress admin, from the general tab check “Use Geolocation & Google Maps API?” -> enter your “Google API Key” and save the changes.


Please note here that you will need the following APIs activated in your google account:

  1. Google Maps Distance Matrix API
  2. Google Maps Directions AP
  3. Google Maps Elevation AP
  4. Google Maps Geocoding API
  5. Google Maps JavaScript API
  6. Google Places API Web Service

LazyEater Geolocation system uses the Google Geocoding API that have usage limitation, thus we have restricted the Geolocation system to only work if the user country is the same as the website WooCommerce base location which you can set from WooCommerce -> settings.

How to set recommended sellers?

Go to LazyEater settings in the WordPress admin -> from the general tab page select your recommended restaurants in the “Recommended Restaurants” option -> Save changes.


Recommended sellers will display if the user search type is set to “Restaurants”.


How to manage restaurants?

As the website admin you can manage restaurants registered in your website from your dashboard sellers page. You can view restaurant details,  enable/disable selling privileges, add a seller to recommended list, delete a seller, send a message to the seller or view the restaurant login status if using LazyEater A-Package.


How to manage Withdraws?

LazyEater withdraw requests are simply a note from the restaurant to the website admin requesting a specific amount of money to be sent to his online/bank account. Whenever the website admin receives a withdraw request from the restaurant, he will pay the restaurant with the restaurant preferred payment service and then update the withdraw status. By default you cannot pay the restaurant directly from LazyEater as it is not a payment system. Anyway, if you are using LazyEater A-Package you can directly go the PayPal from the withdraws page to pay the restaurant with only one click using the restaurant PayPal.me link.

Withdraws has some settings in the LazyEater backend settings page. You can set “The Minimum user balance to make a withdraw”, select the “Withdraw Methods” that are allowed for restaurants to choose (you can also add custom withdraw methods using the frozr_withdraw_register_methods filter) and choose the “Withdraw Request Status” when a request is set.


Withdraws management is actually done from the frontend withdraws page. You can view the withdraw details,  edit the request, delete the withdraw request or if using the LazyEater A-Package you can send the withdraw requester a message.


Restaurants also have Withdraw options in their settings page where they can set their withdrawal information.

39Restaurants can also send withdraw request to the website admin from their dashboard Withdraws page.


How to manage orders?

Whenever a new order is placed, it is directly sent to the restaurant orders page (an SMS  is also sent to the customer and restaurant if using LazyEater SMS). Managing orders is almost all the work restaurants are going to do while they are online. Managing an order is simply changing its status.

The website admin is not supposed to manage orders, however his job could be only supervising the flow of orders and maybe notify a restaurant on unprocessed orders.

Go to your frontend orders page. Here you can view all details of an order by clicking on the order ID. You can also add a note for the customer that will be sent to their email address.


How to add coupons?

As s restaurant you can add a coupon to be used on your products.

Go to your dashboard coupons page and click on “Add New Coupon”. If you choose to display the coupon, it will appear in your restaurant page.



How to add delivery locations & restaurants addresses?

As a website admin you are not supposed to add delivery locations & restaurant addressees, this is done by your restaurants. Restaurants set their delivery location and address from their settings page. These delivery locations and addresses are saved and can be viewed, modified or deleted from the “Delivery Locations” and “Restaurants addresses” pages in the backend.


How to set delivery settings?

As a restaurant you have to set your delivery fees, duration and minimum amount for delivery so LazyEater could correctly calculate products prices for you customers.

Go to your LazyEater settings page -> click on the “Delivery Settings” tab.


How to set restaurant delivery zone?

If the website has enabled Geolocation service you will be able to set your delivery locations zone from your settings page. Start by zooming to the city where your restaurant is located in. click on the map to start drawing your locations polygon. You can also drag and drop the polygon. However the area inside the polygon is considered as your delivery zone.


How to add restaurant cuisine?

As a restaurant, setting cuisines that you offer in your restaurant is very important to improve visibility on website and allow customers to quickly reach your restaurant. You can easily set your restaurant cuisines from your settings page.


How to add sales commissions?

How to add opening & closing hours?

This is a very important step every restaurant should do after registration, you can set opening and closing hours and holidays of your business from your settings page. This can control receiving orders and allowed order types.

Go to your settings page -> click on “Opening/Closing timings” tab.


Please note here that when setting the unavailable dates, the end date must be first day of opening not the last day of holiday. which means your restaurant will close on some date and open on that date.

How to add restaurants social links?

As a restaurant go to your dashboard settings page -> click on “Social Profile” tab and add social links to your social accounts. Your social links will appear in your restaurant page.


How to set allowed order types?

As a restaurant you can set what type of orders you accept in your restaurant. This is a very important step to do to avoid receiving for example a delivery order when you do not actually provide delivery service.

Go to your settings page -> click on the “Orders  Settings” tab.


How to add my restaurant name, logo and details?

After registering as a restaurant, you will be redirected to your restaurant page to complete your profile, if you haven’t been redirected, manually go to your settings page where you can complete your profile. Please note that your profile details are very important and need to be set directly after you open your account. Also please note that if you could not access your settings page after registration it means that your registration request is awaiting an admin approval.


How to set website terms of service?

As a website admin you can set your website terms of service for customers & sellers to accept when registering in your website.

Go to LazyEater settings page -> click on the “Terms of Service” tab.


How to get detailed reports?

As a website admin or restaurant you can get detailed sales report and statistics from your front end dashboard page.

34Website admin can also get sales report from the WooCommerce reports page.


How to modify the frontpage search sections?

You can modify the frontpage search section directly from the section itself. You can change the titles, backgrounds, icons, images, positions, or even remove some unwanted fields.


How to add restaurants to homepage?

You can add latest restaurants list to your homepage by using the WordPress customize tool.

Click on “Customize” -> “LazyEater” -> “Latest Restaurants” choose your options and save changes.


How to add top selling items to homepage?

You can add top selling items list to your homepage by using the WordPress customize tool.

Click on “Customize” -> “LazyEater” -> “Top Selling Items” choose your options and save changes.


How to add the location status to sidebar?

if you are not using the Frozr theme, you can show the location status & request by using the “LazyEater User Location Widget” from your widgets page. you can also see how to install LazyEater on your theme to learn more.


How can I access my restaurant page?

Use the following link in your browser address bar:


Replace the “TheWebSiteName” with the name of the website you registered in for example: example.com and replace “YourShopName” with your restaurant name, if your restaurant name includes spaces replace spaces with dashes, for example My Shop becomes my-shop.

How do I change the colors and font of my restaurant page?

If you are using the LazyEater A-Package extension, you can change the colors and fonts of your restaurant page from your settings page.

go to your settings page -> click on the “My Store” tab.

How to enable/disable messages from restaurant page?

As a restaurant, customer can get your contact details or even send you email messages from your restaurant page, you can enable or disable this from your settings page.

How to set/manage restaurants tables?

As a restaurant you can allow your customers to contact you to reserve tables for dine in, you can provide detailed information about your tables so customers can correctly select their prefer table number before calling you.

Go you to your settings page -> click on the “Restaurant Tables” tab.


How to set served food types?

As a restaurant you should set what types of food do you serve in your restaurant, for example if you only serve vegetarian food, set “Served Food Types” option to “Veg.” you can set your food types from your settings page.

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