Earn upto $100 for supporting LazyEater in WordPress themes.

LazyEater is our FREE WordPress multi-vendor restaurants network plugin. We have done some hard work over there just to help people start their own online food ordering system without paying a CENT!.

At the moment, We have the Frozr theme that adds native support for Lazyeater, but we would like to see new faces now. Anyway, LazyEater will work on any theme out there but as stated its a multi-restaurant food ordering plugin which doesn’t sound like a plug and play system, there are transactions and orders going out there so you need to do some setup before you can start selling. we have created a video that will briefly guide on integration with the WordPress twentyfifteen theme but yet we want it to be more easy to startup and make more people benefit from LazyEater, so we decided to give rewards for efforts on LazyEater theme supporting.

You have two options to earn rewards for your work:

  1. Creating a LazyEater theme – reward $100
  2. Adding support for LazyEater on existing theme – reward $50


  • if you go for creating a LazyEater theme, you should consider the following terms:
  1. The result Theme should be of an high quality, that means it should have some sense of professional design. A material layout is preferred but you can use your creativity.
  2. It should be fully responsive.
  3. It should have at-least a 71/100 rank on the Google page speed test.
  • And if you go for adding LazyEater support on an existing theme, you should should only make sure that the theme you are working on is a high quality theme it can be a free or paid theme. If you are not the real author of the theme you MUST add the support via a child theme and you MUST also send us a demo link of the theme to approve it before you start working.
  • During or before start, you can contact us for any inquires via email: support@mahmudhamid.com with “LazyEater Support” as the email subject. or simply post a comment here.
  • After work complete you must send us a link via email: support@mahmudhamid.com to your theme demo for review.
  • Your work is highly appreciated and we will refer to it on LazyEater plugin pages but we will ONLY reward themes that meet the above terms.
  • Rewards are paid until we announce an end date. Any work submitted after the end date will be rewarded ONLY if you have sent us a notice of work start before the end date. However we will add referral links on LazyEater plugin pages to all themes that support LazyEater, just let us know your theme address.
  • Rewards are paid in US dollars via PayPal or any other well known payment system that accepts PayPal or an equivalent amount of Bitcoin at the time of payment.

Usage and credits

The final theme you create or add LazyEater support to is completely yours, you can either sell it or put it out there for free. You are the only author of the theme and the reward you get from us is just a THANK YOU for supporting LazyEater.

We will add a link to your theme on the LazyEater plugin here in our website and on WordPress.org to help drive some traffic your theme.


Thank you for creating with LazyEater 😉

Beta: LazyEater Mobile app release

From the moment LazyEater was released, the most requested feature has been a mobile app version. Starting today, LazyEater just made accessing food quick and enjoyable with its mobile app the works on Android, IOS, and Windows Mobile.

We have released the beta version for Android devices, which you can download and test from:


IOS and Windows Mobile versions are going to be released soon. We will post announcements here.

Some of the main features included in the mobile app are:

  • Recommending items and restaurants according to previous purchases.
  • Add item and restaurant to your favorites.
  • Instantly search between all items or restaurants with swipeable filters.
  • Directly add reviews and rating on items.
  • Save your different addresses for future use, and adjust your current location on map.

Now open the app, explore the possibilities, and don’t forget to leave us a feedback.