Say Hello to Norsani!

Have you ever dreamed about establishing a profitable online business that will rescue you from working as an employee or searching for a job? An online food ordering business would be one of the best choices in online investing as this trend is taking over the traditional phone ordering service and it is predicted that there will be a 79 percent surge in the total U.S. food delivery market by 2022, i.e. from $43 billion to $76 billion and more than 90 percent of the public restaurant companies in U.S. have embraced online Food ordering and delivery business.

Online food ordering business is always profitable but to establish it with one of the solutions available today on the web you will need a minimum of $1500 to start and you will also need to pay additional amount if you need to make a customization. This amount of budget is creating a barrier in-front of thousands people and here comes Norsani to make it possible to anyone to open a fully featured online food ordering business with as low cost as possible.

Norsani is a multi-vendor food ordering system based on WordPress (The most popular website content management system) and WooCommerce (the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin). Norsani is now available for purchase on for only $35.

Why Norsani ?

Norsani is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that helps you create a fully featured multi-vendor online food ordering website in any country and in any city.

A multi-vendor system

Vendors offering food either cooked or raw like home chefs, restaurants, food trucks and groceries can register and sell their items, each have their own dashboard to fully control, manage & monitor their online business.

Endless payment options

Norsani is based on WooCommerce the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin that has a countless number of different payment gateway plugins.

Mobile first layout

Norsani comes with its light weight Ajax powered minimal theme to enhance usage and flexibility of the website and provide a top-quality user experience.

Inline documentation

You do not need to go anywhere to learn how this or that option or control works, all options and controls in either Norsani backend or frontend come with a help tip that includes more details and description.

Built-in help center

You also do not need to leave the Norsani admin side in WordPress whenever you need our help. Norsani support admins with a built-in help center including a dynamic “Questions & Answers” section, system status checker, one click demo data installation, and a chat section to directly get in touch with us.

Start Today! 😀

Purchase Norsani now from and get your online food business started today!

LazyEater is retiring!

After years of serving as an open-source online food ordering system, LazyEater has finally decided to retire and make a room for the most cutting-edge web and mobile technology. We’re proud of the community that rallied around LazyEater and are inspired by the business that came from it.

To this end, the development and support for LazyEater SMS notifications, LazyEater Distance, LazyEater Announcements, LazyEater A-Package plugins, the Frozr theme and the LazyEater Mobile App will also be discontinued as of 15/04/2018.

All customers who had purchased LazyEater extensions will still receive support and updates for the plugins until 30th of October 2018. After that they will have 70% discount of our alternative solutions.

While it is sad to say goodbye to the LazyEater family, We’re eager to put our hearts into the development of next generation web and mobile solutions. After all, thank you all for using LazyEater and its child plugins, and sorry for any inconvenience this announcement may have caused.

If you have any further questions about this announcement please leave a comment here or contact our customer support at