Customer support service

Customer Support Service

We are committed to helping you make your Food ordering online service a success. This page is created to provide more information on our customer support service. To ensure your success, we offer a comprehensive customer support plan with each of our products for six months or one year according to your purchase option. This includes the following:

Hours of Operations (“Business Hours”)

Our customer support is available during the following business hours (Greenwich Mean Time) weekdays 1:00pm – 9:00pm. However, there might be few off-days during the year for maintenance or holidays, customers will be notified by email on any updates.

Support Program

Unless otherwise stated, our customer support program applies to all our products. Our support program includes the following services:

Support service Details Response Time
Email Support Email support allows customers to send emails to: on reporting and tracking issues related to our products and receive assistance back over email. 1 day.
WhatsApp Support


Allows users to chat with our customer support specialists (“CSS”) at 1-91691444441 for assistance over critical issues effecting their business.


2 hours.


Allows access to our customer support specialists through the TeamViewer Software. This could be used for system introduction, startup guidance tutorial after one of our products setup and installation is complete. A TeamViewer session can be scheduled by contacting


1 day for reply on TeamViewer session request.

Scope of Support

Support is provided whereby the end user identifies a problem or issue that is a reproducible problem and the issue or symptom is relating to our product requires assistance to resolve.

Examples of support requests that are included within a Support Plan:

  • The product does not perform substantially in accordance with the current documentation.
  • The product does not appear to be operational or function as designed.
  • Issues arising where significant training is required to assist the customer.
  • Bugs, problems detected in the product.
  • Changes to the product environment that would normally relate to implementation activities, such as modifications to customizations, or integrations.

Examples of support requests that are NOT included within the support plan (but not limited to):

  • Issues arising from the completeness, accuracy, availability or quality of the customer website content/data. (These can be resolved with a consulting services engagement)
  • Bug defects caused by internet browsers outside of the product supported browsers.

Additional components of your Support Plan:

  • New Releases: Features new capabilities and improvements in scalability and performance

Maintenance Releases: Incremental changes that address any issues with the software that have been reported by the customer or through our own investigations.