LazyEater: Getting Started

LazyEater is a WordPress & WooCommerce based system. LazyEater is a group of PHP and jQuery codes that modify and extends the WooCommerce functionality to present a front-end multi-vendor based restaurant network.

The Scenario?

  1. You setup the system.
  2. Convince restaurants to create accounts on your website by either a live interview or email invitation, presenting benefits, profit and features you provide, If agreed? provide them with the LazyEater restaurant managing guide.
  3. Registered restaurants will post their products (this is what you are really selling on your website) and set some tags on them (this is how customers will find their products) and set their delivery and location addresses (this is how customers will find restaurants).
  4. You held advertisements campaigns to interact customers.
  5. Once restaurants start publishing their menus and customers start placing orders, you & your restaurants (sellers) gain profit.

System Requirements

To start your LazyEater powered online food ordering business, you will need:

  1. A domain name + hosting service.
  2. Get WordPress CMS installed – most hosting service provides an auto install option for WordPress.
  3. Inside WordPress, you will need:
    1. WooCommerce plugin installed & activated.
    2. LazyEater plugin installed & activated.
    3. Frozr theme installed & activated.

Once you have those components together, you have the tools required to, host restaurants that can add dishes, coupons, tables, manage their online restaurant page, receive orders and share profit.

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