LazyEater is retiring!

After years of serving as an open-source online food ordering system, LazyEater has finally decided to retire and make a room for the most cutting-edge web and mobile technology. We’re proud of the community that rallied around LazyEater and are inspired by the business that came from it.

To this end, the development and support for LazyEater SMS notifications, LazyEater Distance, LazyEater Announcements, LazyEater A-Package plugins, the Frozr theme and the LazyEater Mobile App will also be discontinued as of 15/04/2018.

All customers who had purchased LazyEater extensions will still receive support and updates for the plugins until 30th of October 2018. After that they will have 70% discount of our alternative solutions.

While it is sad to say goodbye to the LazyEater family, We’re eager to put our hearts into the development of next generation web and mobile solutions. After all, thank you all for using LazyEater and its child plugins, and sorry for any inconvenience this announcement may have caused.

If you have any further questions about this announcement please leave a comment here or contact our customer support at

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