LazyEater 2.0 is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that helps you create a fully featured multi-vendor online food ordering business.
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  • A multipurpose online ordering system

    Allowing you to you create online ordering website for restaurants, food trucks, home chefs, and groceries.

  • Countless payment options

    Lazyeater 2.0 is based on WooCommerce the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin that have countless number of online payment gateways plugins.

  • Get in control

    Vendors get a powerful front-end dashboard to fully manage their online store of products, manage orders, offer discount and promotions to customers and more

  • Light weight Ajax powered layout

    A mobile-first minimal light-weight theme to enhance the usage and flexibility of the system to provide a top quality user experience.

  • Powerful customer support

    To ensure your success, you will get a premium customer support plan with LazyEater 2.0. For more information on our customer support program read here



You can create an multi-vendor online ordering system for


Food Trucks

Home Chefs


System Implementation

Implementing your LazyEater 2.0 from scratch goes into tow main stages

Prepare Infrastructure

  • Get a website hosting service and a domain name by subscribing to a well known hosting company
  • Install WordPress on your server

Prepare Website

  • Upload WooCommerce and LazyEater 2.0 to your WordPress website
  • Configure both WooCommerce and LazyEater 2.0

System Management

Managing your multi-vendor online ordering business is divided between you and your vendors

The Website owner will be responsible of

  • Manage & monitor website
  • Manage current vendors and encourage new vendors to register
  • Campaigns to get new customers

Website vendors will be responsible of

  • Manage Orders
  • Manage their online store
  • Offer discounts and promotions to their customers