LazyEater A-Package

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Adds a bunch of very useful and important new features to LazyEater.


Development and support for this item has been discontinued. This item will be removed for our website on 30th of April 2018

The A-Package add-on plugin adds a bunch of very useful and important new features to LazyEater front-end restaurant and admin LazyEater dashboards.

The A-Package has concentrated to strengthen the admin side of LazyEater because be simply believe that a successful restaurants network needs a smart and quick management. Here is a list of all new features:

For Admins:

  • Pay the withdraws via PayPal directly from dashboard with their link.
  • Go to seller shop directly from dashboard sellers list.
  • Send email messages to all sellers directly from the dashboard sellers page.
  • Add a seller to the recommended restaurants list directly from the dashboard sellers page.
  • Delete a restaurant directly from the dashboard sellers page.
  • Monitor when was the restaurant last active by date and time.
  • Admin can send an email message to any withdraw requester.
  • Filter Sellers, orders, withdraws, and coupons lists.
  • Export sellers, coupons, withdraws and orders as CSV.
  • Quicker dashboard actions.

For restaurants

  • Change colors and fonts of restaurant page.
  • Add image for coupons.
  • Disable coupon for later use.
  • Export coupons, withdraws and orders as CSV.
  • Filter copuons, withdraws, and orders lists.


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