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A Mobile version of LazyEater

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Development and support for this item has been discontinued. This item will be removed for our website on 30th of April 2018

  • Awesome Frontpage

    A Frontpage that represents All your products and restaurants in a Swipable clean single page. Customers will never have this Fast access to there favorite recipes. In-addition, the system will recommend recipes according to the customer purchase history.

    lazyeater app front page
  • Swipe 2 Search

    Customers can instantly filter all your products and restaurants by creating their favorite recipe combination with powerful smart swipable filters.

    lazyeater app front page
  • My Favorites! 😀

    Customers can add recipes and restaurants to their favorites list to quickly reach them every time.

    lazyeater app front page
  • Geolocation Detect

    Customers can quickly setup their exact location for delivery orders and save their frequent address to quickly switch between them.

    lazyeater app front page
  • Need a dine-in or pickup?

    It's not just a food delivery app, customers can order for pick-ups, dine-in and curbside TOO.

    lazyeater app front page
  • Braintree Payments

    With Braintree payments, users can pay with credit card, PayPal and lot more ways.

    lazyeater app front page

Grow up sales and get closer to your customers then ever with the LazyEater Hybrid Mobile Application for Android and IOS. This App will connect to your LazyEater website fetching products, vendors and other user info quickly and smartly present them to the user.

Please download the demo app that connects to the LazyEater demo website to test and see how it works.

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System Requirements

  1. A working LazyEater Website. You should have your LazyEater website running with some products and restaurants.
  2. You should be using the Geolocation service on your website. You can activate this from your LazyEater settings page.
  3. An account on Braintree Payments to receive payments via your Mobile App and allow your customers to pay in a variety of ways provided by Braintree payments.
  4. A developer account on Google play console to publish your app on the Google store. ($25)
  5. A developer account on Apple to publish your app on the Apple store. ($99)

What you get after purchase?

  • After you purchase this product you will get the LazyEater REST plugin, that is the backbone of the Mobile App. Install and activate it on your WordPress system.
  • We will contact you with your email address that you provided on checkout to complete the setup process and send you the testing app for Android, IOS and after you finish your developer account registration on Google and Apple we will ask you some information that you can get from your developers account to sign your testing app and get it ready for the App stores.

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