System Implementation

After installing Norsani, you need to make some important configurations to Norsani and WooCommerce to make the system work according to your requirements. This is done by going through the Norsani and WooCommerce admin settings.

Configuring Norsani

Go to Norsani admin settings by clicking on “Norsani” on your WordPress admin side menu. The main settings you must review is as following:

  1. The Google API Key: You must enter your Google API key to enable the location and delivery service. You can get instructions on that in the “Questions and Answers” in Norsani Help Center.
  2. Distance settings: You should set how distances between vendors and customers are calculated.
  3. Fees/Commissions: You should set your fees/commissions rules on your vendors sales. These rules are only applied between you and your vendors and not on customers, customers will only pay for their order total (Delivery fee + items price). If you wish to add a fee on customers use the WooCommerce Tax options.
  4. Terms of Service: As an online food ordering website, it is always good to write some important terms of service rules for your vendors. If you also want to write some terms for customers you can do that from the WooCommerce admin settings.

Configuring WooCommerce

As The Checkout and payment systems are controlled by WooCommerce you should definitely need to review some important options in the WooCommerce admin to completely get ready to start your business.

As there might be a lot of settings, WooCommerce developers have tried to make it as much easy as possible to set by creating a setup wizard which you can easily follow.  To quickly go to the setup wizard copy the following link to your browser address bar and go:”

Replace “” with your website address.

Please take your time and go through all options in the setup wizard, this is a business setting up process where you should be very careful.

Adding the demo data

This is an optional step as this will create demo vendors (Three vendors for each allowed type) and items (Six for each vendor), Norsani menus, and set the static page that includes the main search bar on your homepage. To add the demo data, go to Norsani Help Center and click the “Install Demo Data” button.

If you do not wish to add demo vendors and items, You can manually add the Norsani menus from WordPress menus and add the static page to your homepage by creating a new WordPress Page with “Frozr front page” as it’s template and changing the “Your homepage displays” setting in the WordPress Reading Setting.

Customizing the layout

Now you should add your special touch on the layout, and the best way to do that is with the WordPress customize tool (Appearance -> Customize).

Add your logo, change the theme color and do as much customization as you like and hit the “Save Changes” button.

You’re ready

Once you complete those configurations, your “computer” work is done and your website is ready to host vendors and receive orders.

You should now go and do some field work. read the Business Implementation article for more information.

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