MarsMotion demo installation part 2

Watch the below video tutorial to learn how to make your MarsMotion Installation Look like the Demo website. This Tutorial has been divided into two parts, the first part includes the back-end settings and the second part includes the front-end settings.

Part Two

Installing MarsMotion

NOTICE: MarsMotion will only work with MarsMotion supported themes like Frozr WP theme. Frozr comes for free with MarsMotion
OR you can learn how to integrate MarsMotion with your theme

  1. Unzip & Upload the frozr-mars .zip file to your WordPress plugins directory and the frozr .zip to your themes directory.
  2. Activate the Frozr theme first and then the MarsMotion plugin from your WordPress admin, also make sure you already have WooCommerce running.
  3. In your WordPress admin go to Settings -> Permalinks and just click Save Changes.

Follow Instructions in the below video to learn how to install MarsMotion

Supporting MarsMotion in themes

Learn to support MarsMotion in other themes be watching this tutorial. Remember that when adding support for MarsMotion in your theme you should be using the child theme version of your theme, never make changes to orignal theme files. Learn how to create a child theme.